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January 05, 2007



What an interesting list! I'm freaked out that you got shot while at work and that you had to have plastic surgery because of it! Yikes.

My favorite children's book is Mandy too! I love that book so much.

I always look at picture frames too.

My 100's list didn't take me very long. After I read Kelly's list I started a Word document and cranked out about half the list in a half hour, then came back the next day and did the same thing with the other half of the list. Now after reading everyones' lists this week I keep thinking of other things to add to mine. Duh!


I love Jr Mints and Swedish Fish too! Great, I have one thing for my list!


I loved your list. I enjoyed learning lots about you --except the gun incident. How traumatic! I think I too have Seasonal Affective Disorder. I think #95 was my favorite. ;)


MMmm root beer floats!


702 2831567

love to meet you.
im in las Vegas.
and someone dear to u said I olso
have add.ups!I olso burn food but
I love to bake cakes.I will be baptize this saturday.Im nerviouse. .

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