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August 23, 2007



I REALLY enjoyed your thoughts today. I am ashamed to say I nearly wet my pants at the comment about your fish getting dumped into the filter. I'm glad he's okay though. I can't handle fish-death.

It's cooled off here too. This morning I took Ham to an appointment and actually had to turn the heat on in the van.

I understand about the bird. Lately I've been thinking about a hamster. I know they smell, but they're not too high maintenance.

And the last paragraph about your nephew and your son pooh-poohing your advice... I remember doing that. What would my parents know being so OLD and all? And for some reason, one of my sisters who is married and has three kids and is mid-twenties already still acts that way. The rest of us grew out of it.

Hope Tess is feeling better. :)

Neighbor Jane Payne

"Psh" is a good response to "Children".

Your fish reminds me of Finding Nemo and the filter.

What? Nobody wanted your job? I can't imagine =)


Seriously a bird? I can't imagine being a mother of 6 and wanting the extra noise, mess and stank of a bird. They're not even cuddly. What gives?

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